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Words and concepts often used in asexual communities


A reference for people who are confused. I’ve also included words from aromantic discourse because of the overlap between the two communities. If I forgot anything, or if a definition is wrong, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

  • Ace - Short for asexual.
  • Ace of Hearts - A symbol or nickname for asexuals who experience romantic attraction.
  • Ace of Spades - A symbol or nickname for asexuals who are aromantic.
  • Acephobia - Prejudice or discrimination against asexual-spectrum people.
  • Aesthetic Attraction - An interest or desire to look at someone and appreciate their appearance, but which isn’t necessarily sexual or romantic.
  • Alloromantic - A person who experiences romantic attraction to other people. Also commonly just called a “romantic person.”
  • Allosexism - Belief or assumption that being allosexual is the only way to be, or best way to be
  • Allosexual - A person who experiences sexual attraction to other people; a non-asexual person.
  • Amatonormativity - The social force that treats romantic relationships as intrinsically superior, more valuable, or more necessary than friendships and non-romantic relationships. A problem for everyone, but especially aromantic people.
  • Androromantic - Romantically attracted to men.
  • Antisexual - Ideologically opposed to sex, or having negative views of other people’s sexual lifestyles. Related to slut-shaming.
  • Aro - Short for aromantic.
  • Aromantic - A person who does not experience romantic attraction.
  • Aromantic Spectrum - The set of all people who are aromantic, gray-romantic, demiromantic, lithromantic, or who have aromantic tendencies.
  • Asexophobia, Asexualphobia - See Acephobia.
  • Asexual - A person who does not experience sexual attraction.
  • Asexual Flag - A flag of four horizontal stripes: black, gray, white and purple.
  • Asexual Spectrum - The set of all people who are asexual, gray-asexual, demisexual, or who have asexual tendencies.
  • Asexual Triangle - A downward-pointing triangle that is mostly white, but shades into gray and then black at the bottom tip. Represents the asexual spectrum. Originated as an expansion of the Kinsey Scale.
  • Asexy - Describes a person or thing who is cool, excellent, or attractive in a non-sexual way. Also a complimentary descriptor for asexual people in general.
  • Autosexual - An old term for someone who only, or mostly, gains sexual pleasure from themself instead of from attraction to others. Rarely used.
  • AVEN - Asexual Visibility and Education Network, The most prominent website and forum dedicated to asexuality.
  • Biromantic - Potential to feel romantic attraction to two or more genders.
  • Black Ring - An accessory used to signify that one is asexual. Most commonly worn on the right middle finger. Can be of any material or design.
  • Cake Jokes - Cake is associated with asexuality for some reason. Most likely originated as a meme on AVEN. Predates the “cake is better than sex” meme.
  • Celibacy, Celibate - The lifestyle choice to avoid participating in sex, regardless of whether one feels sexual attraction or not.
  • Chastity - To only participate in sex in circumstances prescribed by one’s religious beliefs.
  • Compulsory Sexuality - The cultural force that expects all people to be either sexually available or in a sexual relationship, and which expects sex to be an important value or goal for all people. Heterosexuality is especially valued. A major problem for asexual people.
  • Corrective Rape - Sexual assault done with the intent to change someone’s sexual or romantic orientation. Queer women, trans* people and asexual people are all victimized by corrective rape.
  • Dehumanization - A kind of stigma that lessens a person by making them seem less than human; often likening them to an animal, machine or monster. Sometimes applied to asexual or aromantic people.
  • Demiromantic - A person who can only feel romantic attraction to someone they have established a close emotional connection with.
  • Demisexual - A person who can only feel sexual attraction to someone they have established a close emotional connection with.
  • Erasure - A lack of representation of a group in media, news and pop culture. Erasure may be either deliberate or accidental, and targets all queer identities to varying degrees.
  • Grace - Short for gray-asexual.
  • Gray-A - Short for gray-asexual.
  • Gray-asexual - A person who is somewhere in between 100% asexual and allosexual; they might only experience sexual attraction on very rare occasions, or feel sexual attraction but not desire sexual relationships, or experience a feeling somewhere in between platonic and sexual.
  • Gray-romantic - A person who is somewhere in between 100% romantic and aromantic; they might only experience romantic attraction on very rare occasions, or feel romantic attraction but not desire romantic relationships, or experience a feeling somewhere in between platonic and romantic.
  • Graysexual - Short for gray-asexual.
  • Group X - Refers to asexual people when talking about the Kinsey Scale.
  • GSD - Gender and Sexual Diversity. See GSM.
  • GSM, GSRM - Gender, Sexual (and Romantic) Minorities. An alternative to the LGBT*QQIAP+ acronym.
  • Gynoromantic - Romantically attracted to women.
  • Heteroromantic - Romantically attracted to people of a different gender than one’s own.
  • Heteronormativity - The cultural force that expects all people to be cisgender, heteroromantic and heterosexual. Major problem that affects all queer identities, including asexuals. Closely linked to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and acephobia.
  • Homoromantic - Romantically attracted to people of the same gender as oneself.
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) - Controversial medical disorder; used as evidence that asexuality is pathologized by the medical community.
  • Hyposexual - Having a low libido or sex drive.
  • Identity policing - Telling a person that the way they identify, or the labels they use to describe themselves, are wrong.
  • Invalidation - In regards to asexuals, telling us that asexuality does not exist, humans can’t be asexual, asexuality isn’t an identity, etc. A form of allosexism.
  • Kink - A fetish or means of pleasure, often but not necessarily sexual. Some asexual people have kinks.
  • Kinsey Scale - A model that categorized human sexuality as a spectrum between heterosexual and homosexual, with bisexuals in the middle. Asexual people were classified as “Group X” and not included on the scale.
  • Libido - Sex drive, which may or may not be targeted at a person. Asexual people may have libidos despite not feeling sexual attraction.
  • Limerence - Strong feelings of attraction that can be romantic, sexual or platonic. Characterized by a mixture of joy, nervousness, obsessive thoughts and desire for approval from the target of interest. Often occurs in crushes.
  • Lithromantic - A person who feels romantic attraction but does not need their feelings to be reciprocated, or who does not like receiving romantic gestures.
  • Nonlibidoist - An asexual person who does not feel any desire to masturbate, or who has no sex drive.
  • Panromantic - The potential to experience romantic attraction to someone of any gender.
  • Pansexual - The potential to experience sexual attraction to someone of any gender. Opposite of asexuality, but some asexual people go through a period of wondering if they are pansexual.
  • Pathologization - The act of treating something as an illness or disorder, which is abnormal and needs to be fixed. Asexuality is often pathologized.
  • Platonic Attraction - Desire for friendship or another close non-romantic relationship with someone.
  • Poly - Short for polyamorous.
  • Polyamory - Intimate relationships that are not exclusive. Non-exclusivity may be romantic, sexual, neither, or both. May be a lifestyle choice or an intrinsic part of someone’s sexuality, depending on the person.
  • Pomoromantic - One who experiences romantic attraction but does not wish to define it based on gender preferences.
  • Pomosexual - One who experiences sexual attraction but does not wish to define it based on gender preferences.
  • Primary Attraction - Attraction that is felt upon first meeting someone.
  • Queer - An umbrella term for all people who are not heterosexual, heteroromantic and cisgender, and who self-identify as queer. A sensitive issue because of its history as a slur. Not all asexual people are queer.
  • Queerplatonic - Love, attraction or interest that is stronger and closer than friendship but not easily categorized as romance; or else, an emotional connection that is ambiguous between friendship and romance.
  • QPP - A queerplatonic partner.
  • Rape Culture - The social expectations that make rape and sexual assault more socially acceptable, or which cause people to deny importance or recognition to acts of sexual assault. A major problem for women and asexual people.
  • Relationship Anarchy - The belief that certain kinds of intimate relationships are not superior to others, despite being more highly valued by popular culture. Opposed to amatonormativity.
  • Romantic Attraction - A feeling of attraction, desire or strong interest; often takes the form of crushes, infatuation or falling in love. Hard to define and recognize for some asexual or aromantic people.
  • Romantic Orientation - The group of people or genders to which a person can become romantically attracted, if at all. This concept does not work for all asexual people.
  • Sapioromantic - Becoming romantically attracted to people based on their intelligence; sometimes overlaps with the aromantic spectrum.
  • Sapiosexual - Becoming sexually attracted to people based on their intelligence; sometimes overlaps with the asexual spectrum.
  • Secondary Attraction - Attraction that only develops after personally knowing someone for a period of time.
  • Sensual Attraction - Attraction that involves a desire to touch or be physically close to someone, but not necessarily in a sexual way.
  • Sex-indifferent - Willingness to either participate in or avoid sex; not actively discomforted by engaging in sexual activities. Common among asexual people.
  • Sex Positivity - A movement or ideology that values all forms of sex between enthusiastically consenting adults. Opposed to slut-shaming and homophobia.
  • Sex-repulsed - Not wanting to engage in sex, often due to disgust, annoyance or discomfort with it. Common among asexual people. Sex-repulsed people may still be sex positive and support sexual freedom for other people.
  • Sexual Attraction - A feeling of attraction to someone’s physical appearance with a sexual component, or desire to touch someone sexually. Difficult for some asexual people to define and recognize.
  • Sexual Orientation - The group of people or genders to which a person can become sexually attracted, if at all.
  • Skolioromantic - Romantically attracted to gender-variant people.
  • Skoliosexual - Sexually attracted to gender-variant people.
  • Slut-shaming - Attacking a woman’s character or treating her as less worthy of respect because she has had sex, is perceived to have had sex, or dresses in a manner that the slut-shamer does not approve of.
  • Squish - The platonic or non-romantic equivalent of a crush. A very strong desire to get to know someone, be their friend and spend time with them.
  • Transyada - 1. The Transyada forum, historically spun off from AVEN. Has a large proportion of asexual-spectrum users. 2. Word used on AVEN and Transyada to describe trans*, non-binary or gender-variant people, especially forum members. Many transyadas are also asexual-spectrum.
  • Willful ignorance - An attitude of continuing to invalidate and/or hate asexual people despite exposure to information on asexuality.
  • WTFromantic - The romantic orientation for people who find romantic orientations confusing, or who don’t perceive a clear difference between feelings of romance and friendship.
  • Yada - Short for transyada.
  • Zucchini - Humorous or casual term for a queerplatonic partner.

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